TRIAL LESSON – Prospective students are offered a free trial lesson where they meet the teacher, audition, and are given an overview of the curriculum.  If a student does not own a violin or viola, they will be able to use a studio instrument for the trial lesson only. Upon acceptance to the studio, students will be assigned a weekly lesson time that is mutually convenient for the student and teacher.  All violin and viola lessons are taught in our studio in Neptune, NJ. Please consult the instructor before renting/purchasing an instrument. Equipment can have an enormous impact on the student’s ease and enjoyment of playing and it is critical that they start with a violin of appropriate size and quality.

SCHEDULING – Violin/viola lessons are offered in 30, 45, and 60 minute increments at the studio in Neptune, NJ. Each student is designated a weekly lesson time for the semester and is financially responsible for all lessons, including those for which they are not present. Please arrive five minutes prior to the start of your lesson time so that you may unpack your violin or viola and be ready to play.  Students who arrive late cannot be guaranteed a full lesson.

CANCELLATIONS/MISSED LESSONS – Tuition pays for reserved time, not the actual lesson. Makeup lessons will only be offered according to the instructor’s availability in the event of illness, family emergency, teacher cancellation, or NJ school closure due to severe weather.  Each student will be given one makeup lesson per semester. In the event of school closure, please contact the studio to confirm whether or not you have a lesson. Cancelled make-up lessons will not be rescheduled. No credit or refund will be given for lessons missed or cancelled by the student.

PRACTICING – All students are expected to practice a minimum of five days per week.  The amount of practice time will be determined by the instructor based on age and skill level, but a good rule of thumb is that a student should aim to practice at least the length of their lesson time.  Consistent practice is the only way for students to progress and enjoy playing!  Parents of young children are expected to attend lessons, take notes, and even record lessons so that they can act as “home teachers” during practice sessions.  All parents are encouraged to read  Dr Suzuki’s “Nurtured by Love” which outlines the Suzuki philosophy and the role of the parent in the learning process.  As students advance, they grow in their ability to be independent learners.

RECITALS – Recitals are held twice a year and all students are strongly encouraged to participate.  Performances are a wonderful way to build confidence and celebrate milestones with friends and family.  A fee of no more than $30 will be collected before the recital to pay the accompanist for his/her time and to secure the recital space. The String School of New Jersey is always seeking performance opportunities throughout Monmouth County at schools, churches, temples, and local retirement homes for students.  Please feel free to reach out if you are interested in having our violinists perform for your organization!

TUITION – Tuition is paid on a monthly basis, and payment must be received in full at the first lesson of each month. Please be mindful that the number of lessons fluctuates each month as there may be five or three weeks according to the calendar.  A five percent discount is offered to those who choose to pay by the semester. A $10 late fee will be charged for late payment. You will be responsible for any charges incurred by returned checks. Please contact for current rates.

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