Teaching Philosophy

The String School of New Jersey is founded on the belief that everyone has the ability to learn and grow from musical study. We are passionate in our commitment to give each student the best possible technical foundation to unlock their full musical potential.

We invite students of all ages and skill levels throughout Monmouth and Ocean Counties to discover the joy that comes with studying a musical instrument.  Musical study opens up new avenues for communication and self expression, develops memory and concentration, teaches patience and discipline, instills confidence and builds self-esteem. The String School of New Jersey strives to provide the highest level of music instruction in a fun, nurturing atmosphere where students are challenged to discover the artist within. Ms. Clark’s contagious enthusiasm for the violin and viola repertoire inspires creativity, fosters a deep love for music, and instills a lifelong appreciation for the arts.

Influenced by Suzuki and traditional teaching methods, Ms. Clark creates an individually tailored curriculum that will best meet the needs and goals of each student.  Emphasis is placed on a strong technical foundation that is ergonomic and free of tension which will allow the student to progress comfortably and give them the tools to express themselves musically.  Because most learning occurs outside of the teaching studio, students are trained in effective practice techniques so that the student grows in his/her ability to learn independently. Group classes are also available which cover music theory, music history, sight-reading, ensemble skills, and ear-training fundamentals that enhance the student’s understanding of music. Chamber music coaching is also available for advancing violin, viola, and cello students.

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