Allyson was our son, Chet’s first violin teacher. She taught him for 2 years, before moving out of state to pursue her graduate degree. Chet was 6 years old when he started and had no experience at all on any musical instrument. Allyson was able to teach him the skills for this difficult instrument in a way that was rewarding to him, and kept him inspired. With loads of patience and the right set of words, she taught Chet how to play his instrument with the correct technique, so he could get a nice tone and make beautiful music. Every week she provided solid, fundamentals in a way that was easy for him to understand and practice. She stressed good technique from the start, knowing that it would pay off as he moved forward. And it has paid off in a big way. Every teacher Chet has studied with since, has recognized and commented that he has an unusually solid foundation, excellent technique and the tools that will take him far. Allyson provided that for Chet. Allyson has a professional and patient teaching manner. She’s very organized and knows what she is working to accomplish with every lesson and how to succeed. She listens to her student with a keen ear. She can isolate a difficult spot in the music and has endless techniques to work through those spots, so they are not so overwhelming. Chet says that Allyson “always made the music’s hard parts easy, so I can learn new pieces fast, and she makes it fun.” She could easily recognize Chet’s emerging level of skill and match it just right with the next challenge. Her lessons were fresh, fun and full of ideas. She kept Chet motivated with constant encouragement. Chet looked forward to every lesson. His next lesson was a constant source of motivation during his practices. Allyson is also an amazing source of information for everything you would want to know about violin/string instruments and she is always willing to share her knowledge. We have learned so much from her beyond the violin instruction. We have learned about instrument sizing, strings, bows, how to look for a good instrument, chamber music opportunities, summer strings camps, things to anticipate at higher levels, orchestras, etc. We have been grateful so many times for her important insight and guidance. Our son has a wonderful skill and a growing love for music that will likely last his whole life. We know that Allyson’s teaching skills and inspiration made that happen. She will always be Chet’s most important teacher.